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Key Development Research Involvement

Part of a team of Afrobarometer resource persons from Uganda (Hatchile consult), Kenya (University of Nairobi) that visited Addis Ababa in June 2013 to explore the feasibility of conducting the Afrobarometer survey in Ethiopia.

The team met over 15 state and non-state actors, including the media, academic, private enterprises, civil society, foreign missions and government affiliated institutions, with knowledge and experience in conducting national representative sample surveys in Ethiopia, covering a wide array of topics, including health, governance, democracy, education, finance, and census – among others.  

We went ahead to work with local partners at ABCON  Plc – Consulting House, and the Central Statistics Office (CSO), to draw a random, stratified nationally representative sample of the adult Ethiopian, stratified across 30 strata, made up of 15 Regions, with Urban/Rural split in each Region. We worked with CSO to identify the most up-to-date census data urban and rural, to appropriately allocate the sample.