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Key Development Research Involvement

Since the year 2000, we have been engaged in research in Uganda, conducting well over 100 national representative surveys as well surveys at the regional level. We have conducted baselines and end-lines, assessments, evaluations, and case studies employing both qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods.

We have also conducted a number market surveys, including branding, tracking, audits, segmentation as well as management surveys (salary assessments, client/employee satisfaction surveys) for private and non-profit sectors.

We have managed large election observer and polling day monitoring exercise for donor-funded election observer missions in Uganda. We prepared and supervised a large team of election observer teams on behalf the NEMGroup and DEMGroup missions. We managed the campaign monitoring and polling-day data during Uganda’s general elections/referenda of June 2000, February 2001, June 2005, February 2016 and had a limited support role in the 2011 observer mission.

Hatchile Consult won the bid to become the National Partner Institution for the Afrobarometer survey project ( in Uganda, and is now responsible for the preparation, implementation, analysis and dissemination of the survey on quality of democracy and governance in Uganda. We have also been part of the team and facilitated in all previous Afrobarometer surveys in Uganda since 1999/2000.

Hatchile Consult has also acquired a state-of-the art audio and visual recording studio to ease the production of targeted visual and audio podcasts on survey dissemination.