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Service Portfolio
Our tailored service portfolio includes Social Research, Data Management, Process Management and Peak-Performance Support.

Social Research offering brings together our competitive offering for Baselines, Development Evaluation, Public Opinion and Management Studies. With a database of over 120 suitably qualified and experienced field research staff, field logistical managers, team supervisors, international research experience in over 20 African countries and cutting edge mobile-phone data collection technology, our Social Research offering gives value, insight and precision.

Data Management remains one of our backbone offerings. With experience managing Uganda's Presidential and Parliamentary Polling (Election) Day data on behalf consortium (with NDI, DDP, UJCC and CDG) of donor funded election monitoring efforts (DEM-Group and NEM-Group) during 2000, 2001, 2006 and 2011 presidential and parliamentary elections. We offered data management support to the 2009 South African elections with the South African council of Churches and idasa. 

Since 2005, we have managed the quality assurance function of Afrobarometer datasets in more than 20 African countries. We are involved in the drawing of nationally representative Afrobarometer samples, fieldwork training, data management and analysis for the Afrobarometer.

Process Management offering entails holistic business development support, by looking at client & employee satisfaction studies, strategic planning process, salary assessment studies, market profiling and (re-)positioning studies. We have successfully implemented this service offering for Joint Medical Stores (JMS), Prime Radio, Kiyinda-Mityana Diocese among others.

Peak-Performance Support offers an incredible effort to realize our client potential by adding inertia to their corporate products and/or staff performance through a comprehensive review targets and M&E outcomes. We have successfully implemented peak-performance training and processes for Uganda Telecom (introducing the TeleSaver telephony brand on the Ugandan market) with (former) VR Promotions.

Our innovative product range includes top-of-the range customized mobile telephony data collection interfaces and functionality.

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