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Study to understand the opinion poll market in Uganda (2017/2018)

The study of public opinion market in Uganda was commissioned by Twaweza East Africa, to especially provide crucial information in the planning and launch of Sauti za Wanainch (SzW), a project aimed at giving citizen a voice in the policy making arena.

Twaweza strives to enable children to learn, enable citizens to exercise their democratic rights, and supports leaders to be more open and responsive to citizen needs in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. The formative SzW study set out to (1) explore perceptions towards opinion polls and (2) examine current practices and barriers to the use of opinion poll data and (3) map key players in the use of opinion poll data in public policy formation and evaluation.

The SzW formative research adopted a qualitative, cross-sectional study design, targeting purposefully selected policy actors and policy executives from key institutions of government, civil society, international development agencies, the media and research organisations.  

Data collection was completed between September 22 and November 27, 2017, and a final report submitted in February 2018.