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Managing Afrobarometer national samples across 36 countries (2011 todate)

The Afrobarometer conducts nationally representative surveys following a strict protocol to ensure the survey are nationally representative random probability area cluster samples of the adult population.

Our role is to work with National Investigators, National Census Offices and demographers in each country to prepare for, draw and review the Afrobarometer samples. The goal is to ensure that each such sample meets the minimum Afrobarometer “gold-standard”, and is thus comparable across all 36 countries in the Afrobarometer. We also ensure that in each round/wave of Afrobarometer, the samples are similar within and across rounds.

Since 2011/2012, we have thus managed all Afrobarometer samples, a role we first assumed in 2004/2005 within East Africa. To date, we have completed review of over 110 Afrobarometer samples since 2011/2015 samples in conjunction with Afrobarometer national partners across 36 countries.