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Afrobarometer survey project

During 2014, Hatchile Consult won the bid to become the National Partner Institution for the Afrobarometer survey project in Uganda. The Afrobarometer is a pan-African non-partisan network of research organizations in Africa and conducts public attitude surveys on the quality of democracy and governance in Africa. The purpose of the Afrobarometer is threefold, to conduct high quality public opinion surveys in Africa, to provide a voice to public opinion in the policy making process and to improve capacity for research in Africa.

As a national partner institution of the Afrobarometer, we manage and implement the surveys as well as conducting specialized analysis, presentation and dissemination of survey findings across a range of target audiences. The dissemination is a series of coordinated activities including public media releases, donor briefings and social media outlets.

Working through a 3-tier model, the Afrobarometer team is led by a National Investigator, Dr Frederick Golooba-Mutebi, assisted by the National Coordinator Francis Kibirige at the top tier, while the Project Management Team composed of Data management, Operations and Human resource/Administration managers work at the 2nd tier. The 3rd has field managers that include Quality Assurance and Team Leaders who supervise and manager over 15 local language teams working at subregion level.

We successfully completed the Round 6 surveys (2014/2015) and Round 7 (2016/2017) survey activities and are now looking forward to the upcoming Round8 surveys.